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The Mission of Designated Capital in one sentence

Children in the digital revolution, bound by a shared vision of a future where everyone has equal opportunity in a flat earth economy revolutionized by programmable value, fueled by permissionless innovation, and governed by popular sovereignty.

Investment Portfolio

What we provide

A-Z porfolio management

Are you looking for real cryptocurrency exposure but don’t know or don’t want to deal with it? Our experts manage every and all aspects of your portfolio. Get access to private sales, staking, mining and delegating. Unlike regular funds, our porfolios are built with broad altcoin exposure.

OTC & Reporting

We manage all acquisitions and liquidations as well as all unique over the counter (OTC) deals. At the end of the year you receive all required tax reports in the relevant currency, including your gains, taxable amount and end of year crypto inventory status.

Investing & Accelerating

We focus on blockchain infrastructure, financial and avantgard technology, and look to engage in a strategic relationships. We invest significant time and resources in our portfolio companies, providing relationships, and strategic network to accelerate value creation.

Dynamic Auditing

Out DeFi investments are powered by the best technology technical auditing, code & change analysis. Unlike most companies, we are not satisfied with one time audits and have set our own ongoing monitoring and auditing system, as well as our risk profile management software to reduce DeFi risks to a minimum and keep yields as high as possible.

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